Kenyan Twitter, renown for providing some of the most interesting conversations and trends, has done it again. The latest one is the hashtag, #FineKikuyuTwitter through which users of the platform are using it to showcase the best of Kikuyu beauty.

As the hashtag suggests, Kenyan Twitter users from the Kikuyu Community are using the hashtag to share photos of themselves to celebrate their beauty.

The “Fine “insert tribe” Twitter” hashtag has been trending in West Africa since Tuesday. Not ones to be left behind, fine Kikuyu babes came out in numbers to represent Kenyan beauty.

While a lot of unflattering things have been said about females from the community, Kikuyu babes living in the diaspora saved their blushes with a stunning display and made us forget for a moment about the many scandals plaguing the country.

Feast your eyes!