Lillian Muli has done it again. The Citizen TV news presenter has attracted the wrath of Kenyans on social after yet another controversial interview, this time with a rape survivor.

The news anchor was interviewing a rape survivor, identified as Irene Karimi, on her ordeal in February 2015 when a gang of 10 men broke into her house in Kibera slums during the night. The thugs then robbed her, beat her up and sexually assaulted her.

But in a follow up question, Lillian Muli left viewers shocked and infuriated, after asking Karimi if she had done something to provoke the attack.

“Could you have said something, could you have done something? Were you dressed in a certain way?” posed Muli, much to the chagrin of netizens.

Responding to the question, Karimi kept her composure and schooled Muli that when a woman is raped it is not because she provoked her attacker.

“When the rapists come to intrude a lady, it’s not because a woman is behaving in a certain way, they do it because that is who they are. It’s not because the woman is who she is,” responded Karimi.

She went on to add that she is a church girl who doesn’t dress indecently.

“Certainly I’m a church girl, I’m a minister in my local church and I don’t dress indecently and didn’t offend anyone in my community. They came and started asking why I was beautiful na sina mshikaji, they started asking if I was HIV + they started physically abusing me,” said Karimi.

Here’s a shortened clip of the interview:

Here’s how social media reacted: