Wasn’t it just the other day when Kamau ‘Tyler’ Mbaya made a name for himself as a child actor on “Machachari”? Well, the young man has grown in great leaps from his “Baha” days.

The actor is spreading his wings further in the film industry and has ventured into film production. It is a route many other actors have followed, including former Tahidi High actors Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua. Hot on their heels is Mbaya who has since released his first production, a short film titled “My Slay Queen.”

According to Mbaya, “My Slay Queen” is a story about a guy who meets a Slay queen via Social Media and finally they both decide to meet on Valentine’s Day.”

Commenting on his new job, Baha said; “I am proud to say that My 1st Production as a Producer is finally done and ready for Consumption. Enyewe nimelearn the hard way that #SinemaNiKazi both during Production & Post-Production.”

His new venture is in line with his dreams of pursuing cinematography. He will be delighted with the positive reception “Slay Queen” is getting as it is number 9 on YouTube trending.

Watch it below.