The ever unforgiving Kenyans on Twitter have blasted the Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) after its social media handlers fell for a Photoshopped picture on a billboard that has been the subject of online debate.

For the better part of yesterday, Nasa-affiliated bloggers took issue with a Brookside billboard featuring popular ‘white’ cartoon characters, and superheroes from Disney-owned Marvel, on a new line of yogurt.

As the discussion unfolded in social media, photoshop enthusiasts were also hard at work. One of the photoshopped images showed Kenya’s infamous ‘eyewitness in chief’ superimposed over a billboard featuring characters of ‘Frozen’.

This is what Cofek fell for as it bashed Brookside- the milk company associated with the first family-for what it termed as “promotion of crime and social disorder by using a picture of the serial eyewitness.”

“IS IT not promoting crime and social disorder when Brookside Dairy marketers celebrate the criminal serial eyewitness at every high profile scene of accident? The link with #milk would be far-fetched #RipoffKenya continues shortly,” tweeted Cofek.

Kenyans on Twitter were unforgiving to Cofek for failing to notice that it was a photoshopped image.

Despite the backlash, Cofek, perhaps after being left red-faced for the obvious blunder, continued to bash Brookside for the photoshopped image whose origin is yet to be known.

Below are some reactions: