It appears the recent Kenya Commercial Bank heist in Thika has inspired our Ugandan counterparts to dig a tunnel into the grave of the late Ivan Ssemangwa.

This after unknown robbers reportedly dug a gaping hole in an attempt to access some of the valuables buried next to the body of the wealthy Ugandan businessman.

According to Ugandan news outlets, the grave in Nakaliro village, Kayunga Town, Kayunga District was vandalised on Tuesday night.

A relative only identified as Wamala, who stays in the ancestral home where Ssemwanga was buried said he was passing by the grave to the garden on Wednesday morning when he saw the hole.

“I got shocked when I saw the hole and when I went nearer, I realized that a big hole had been dug up to the concrete of the grave,” he said.

He added: “I think they wanted to steal the money that was thrown in the grave and his skull.”

The robbers are said to have gone home empty-handed after encountering the concrete wall.

Another family member said he suspected that traditional healers were behind the act and wanted to steal Ssemwanga’s skull.

Kayunga District Police Commander, Mr George Obia, and his Deputy, Yahaya Were said they are investigating the matter so that those responsible are arrested and prosecuted.

“It is illegal to disturb the peace of the dead,” Mr Were said.

Ssemwanga, Zari’s ex-husband and leader of Rich Gang crew died in May 2017 and had a lavish burial with members of his crew throwing money into his grave and pouring champagne.

Shortly after his burial, two concerned citizens sued the Bank of Uganda for allowing Ssemwanga to be buried with legal tender but a court dismissed the case.