Kenyans on social media are calling for the disbandment of the National Transport and Safety Authority(NTSA) amid increased road fatalities in the country.

Over the last four days, at least 70 people have been reported dead in separate accidents across the country. Several others have been injured as the road carnage continues to worry Kenyans, especially during this festive season when a lot of people travel to upcountry.

Following an accident at Sachangwan blackspot on the busy Nakuru-Eldoret highway, in what eyewitnesses said was as a result of an NTSA vehicle chasing a lorry, the transport body has come under fire.

In its defense, the Authority has denied responsibility saying ‘in all the accidents human error is directly responsible.’

Meja said the NTSA branded patrol car was alerting other motorists to get out of the way after it occurred to them that the truck had lost control.

“Please do not speculate. It is irresponsible to crucify officers who are diligently doing their job,” said Meja.

Describing the accidents as unfortunate, NTSA Director General Francis Meja said it should not be expected of them to police each and every vehicle as one of their challenges is manpower.

However, Kenyans on social media are not convinced by NTSA’s efforts in ensuring road safety, and they have taken to Twitter to expose the body of flouting the traffic rules they should be upholding.

Photos of NTSA vehicles breaking the law have been shared on Twitter sparking a debate among concerned internet users.