A wise man once said that innovation is the change that unlocks new value. On that note, a boda-boda operator is reaping big from his business after ‘pimping’ his motorbike with grass.

With competition high in the bodaboda sector, Peter Mwangi Wanjama, in a bid to get ahead of the game, decorated his motorbike with artificial grass.

“I’ve been in the boda boda business since 2008 and the competition is real; so when I saw my colleagues souping up their bikes, I also tried everything but nothing seemed cool,” he said.

He added: “This idea came to me less than two weeks ago and when I tried it, it looked great.’

Mwangi, a former street child, said before he pimped his motorcycle, he would pocket between Sh800 and Sh1,000 a day. Now, his earnings have doubled.

“Many people are attracted to my bike, even people in vehicles are begging for a ride,” he said.

With this invention, Mwangi is also making money from pimping other bikes at Sh10,000 or more depending on the bike.

“For 1600cc bikes and above like mine I charge Sh10,000,” said Mwangi.

He also pimps superbikes and the charges vary depending on size.

“It’s not an easy task since I have to fit the grass just right,” he said.

The class six dropout was born and raised in Rumuruti, but after the death of his father in late 90s, he left the village to fend for himself in Nairobi.

“That was in 1996. I was only 16. In fact I trekked for two weeks to Nairobi, only to be greeted by hard life. I ended up in the streets as a chokoraa for five years,” he revealed.

The father of two did menial jobs at an eatery along Thika Road where he started developing a love for bikes, teaching himself on borrowed bikes.

“One day, around 2008, a businesswoman gave me her bike to do boda business. I did it for three years and saved Sh160,000 which I used to buy this bike,” he explained.

He added that: “It has been seven years now and this bike feeds and clothes my family, hopefully, this idea will turn around the business.”