A new day, a new thing for the moral police to be angry about.

This time round, some Nasa-affiliated bloggers have found their target in the name of Brookside, the milk company associated with the first family.

The issue at hand is the move by Brookside to feature popular ‘white’ characters on one of its line of yogurt. A few weeks ago, Brookside entered into a partnership with Disney, to use images of its popular cartoon characters, and superheroes from Disney-owned Marvel, on a new line of yogurt.

Frozen, Sofia the first, McQueen and Spiderman are now featuring prominently on Brookside’s yogurt containers. It was clearly a move targeting young ones, since they will automatically identify with their heroes.

This has left some parents who have joined the ‘Resist’ bandwagon in an awkward position, since 9 out of 10 times, their kids will demand this Brookside yogurt.

And now some have decided to take the battle to Brookside’s doorstep. Led by Twitter feminists and well-known Nasa die-hard Wandia Njoya, the battalion has launched a campaign accusing Brookside of ‘glorifying whiteness’.

Merchandising and licensing is big business for film companies. It’s usually a win-win for both involved, in this case Disney and Brookside.

Brookside will most likely sell more, while Disney receives a portion of the money for allowing Brookside to use their characters. There is nothing illegal about it unless Brookside did it without authorization, which is highly unlikely in this case.

It has been used for decades, but still people who are always bitter about everything will look for new things to be bitter about.

Indeed, here in Kenya, companies like Kenafric have for many years made sweets with pictures of wrestling stars. Growing up, my primary reason for buying chewing gum was to collect those stickers.

Just recently, Krackles were branding their crisps with Looney Tunes images. Actually if you check in your local supermarket, you’ll find so many products branded with popular characters.

Which led many to believe that the outrage against Brookside was purely political.

Here are some reactions from those who didn’t see a big deal.