Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has once again expressed his concerns over Kenya’s exponential wage bill.

The controversial legislator was among the few MPs in support of a pay cut announced by SRC in July. In an open letter to SRC Chairperson Sarah Serem, Moses Kuria authorized the slashing of his personal salary by 15%.

A week after outgoing SRC chair Sarah Serem said the country’s wage bill is projected to hit Sh650 billion by the end of next year, Moses Kuria has expressed his concerns once again saying that it is the only dialogue Kenya needs right now.

“In this financial year 2017/2018, Kenya Revenue Authority is expected to collect Sh1.5 trillion in taxes. Out of that, Sh650 billion or 43% will go towards paying of salaries and allowances to approximately 800,000 government employees.

“Another Sh400 billion will go towards other recurrent expenditures required to sustain the 800,000 workers. That leaves only around Sh450 billion available for debt repayments and capital expenditure.

He went on: “How do we expect as a country to develop with this kind of expenditure structure? We have to take the bulls by the horns. Over the next 5 years we have no option but to reform our civil service and drastically reduce the wage bill to a maximum of 7% of the GDP. That is the dialogue we need!”

The MP’s post was one of a few that was agreeable to Facebook users who contributed to the debate saying the country needs to think critically on how to reduce its expenditure.

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