Showbiz couple Timmy Tdat and Dela Maranga are the latest Kenyan entertainers to put MCSK on the spot over music royalties.

The two, who are currently ruling the airwaves with their latest release -We’ll Be Ok – , said they never receive any money from the music body.

“MCSK wanacollect pesa hadi saa hii but we never get it. Straight up, hatuipati na watu wanalipa, na wasipolipa tunapigiwa simu ati wameshikwa na makarao,” lamented Timmy Tdat.

Dela added: “Wanajua sana kucollect but sisi kutufikia haitufikii.”

The artistes also called for more airplay of local content saying we should celebrate our own and feed Kenyans with music close to home.

“The other thing is what we feed guys. Kitambo nilikua naambiwa submit your video. But when does Wizkid submit his video? People should just support their own. If you play Kenyan and tell fans that it is hot, they will know this is hot. The same fan akikam na aambiwe Dela ndio dem mkali saa hii, forget Beyonce, watajua huyu ndo mbaya,” the ‘Dus Nyau’ hitmaker said.

Dela added: “Hiyo kitu ya 70 per cent inafaa i-happen juu ukienda Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria, that is what happens.”