Remember Laura Oyier? The woman with signature eyebrows who became famous in 2015 after Intercontinental Hotel took her to court for defaulting a hotel bill in excess of Sh200,000?

The incident was her big break after former Radio Africa’s Caroline Mutoko cleared her huge Valentine’s Day bill and offered her a radio job.

Laura, however, had other plans as she launched her own branded water business and started a career as a singer and DJ.

Since her 15 minutes fo fame, Laura has been lying low but she is back in the country.

“I’ve been living in  Beijing, China, and for this reason, I’ve been off social media. As you might know these platforms are banned by the Chinese government. So it’s unfortunate I’ve not been able to post anything out of my shows,” she told Word Is.

She told the tabloid that she arrived back in the country a few days ago for the holidays, and she will be leaving soon.

Speaking about the incident that propelled her to fame, Laura said: “I don’t even think about that anymore, but it affected my brand. Handed lemons, some people make lemonade. Laura Oyier makes champagne.”

She added: “I learnt that when wolves come for you, tell them ‘bring it’. With focus, you will be a success. Never fear.”

She also revealed that she is happily dating but was coy with the details.

“I am seeing someone, someone wonderful, but that’s all I can say about our relationship.”

On her water business, Laura said: “The water business is going on. We sell them exclusively at the various show venues every time I perform.”