Over the last few days, you’ve likely seen a viral post about a man from Embu who walked out of a dowry ceremony. According to the unverified report, one Mr Mbogo cited exorbitant fines and extortion from his would-be in-laws.

The post reads:

Drama As Embu Man Walks out of Dowry Ceremony, Cites Extortion, Unnecessary Fines
– He paid Sh40,000 to cater for food, tents, chairs and a public address system.
– He had also set aside Sh60,000 to pay his bride price that the two families agree on.
-Mbogo was told to add Sh20,000 to the bride price.
– He was slapped with a Sh10,000 fine for made a detour to the wrong path and ended up into a different homestead instead of the girls’.
– Drama, however, ensued when several girls were paraded into the compound covered in lesos from head to toe and Mbogo asked to guess who his fiancée was.
– He pointed to the wrong women, leading to yet another fine of Sh5,000.
– Fumed with unger, A furious Mbogo excused himself to visit the loo and left

The incident has caught the eye of Embu Deputy Governor David Kariuki who has made a passionate appeal to parents.

Speaking in Embu Town, Mr Kariuki appealed to parents of youths seeking to settle down in marriage to reduce demands during dowry negotiations, saying it discouraged them.

“Many youngsters are not settling down in marriage because of the exorbitant bride price being demanded,” said the deputy governor.

“Recently, you heard about the man who left in a huff after various penalties were imposed on him.

“He was subjected to many fines until he felt he couldn’t take it anymore. Let us make it easy for our children to marry and start their own homes.”

Elsewhere, a man from Kathanjuri Village, Runyenjes Constituency, was beaten up by his in-laws over the weekend after his wife reported that he had insulted her as they argued over a dowry of about 20 cows that he had paid.

The man, only identified as Ngari, was said to have told off his wife, claiming that the cows had ended up “with hyenas”.