Weeks after Ciru Muriuki called it a day at NTV’s ‘The Trend’, the bubbly media personality is back on our television screens at K24.

The bubbly presenter, while announcing her exit from NTV, cited greener pastures as the reason for leaving for the show.

“I did my final show on The Trend. It has been three crazy years. When what later became the #TTTT segment started, it was literally 10 minutes of television with me and Anto Neosoul in the Nation FM studios. At the time, i had no way of knowing how big the show would get. This show has opened doors beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m walking through one of those doors now. I’m very excited about what the future holds and I will be sharing the next stage of my journey with you all as soon as I’m allowed to!”

And it has since become apparent that K24’s ‘Alfajiri’ is her greener pastures.

Ciru made her debut on the morning show on 4th December 2017 alongside her new cohosts Serah Ndanu Teshna and Jeff Mote.

Serah Ndanu previously hosted KTN’s The Skin Therapy show while Jeff Mote, a former Homeboyz radio presenter, was also a panelist on the Trend.

‘Alfajiri airs every weekday from 6 am to 9 am. It was previously presented by The Trend’s new host Amina Abdi Rabar.

Taking to social media, Ciru appears to be enjoying her new gig.

Starting this Monday! Join us! Set your alarm!

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Who was at work by 5:30am on a Saturday? Me. I was. #TvGirl #whatissleep #k24alfajiri

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