Gospel musician Willy Paul was over the weekend in deep reflection after visiting his late dad’s gravesite.

The singer’s father, Paul Opondo Radido, died over 7 years ago when life for Willy Paul and his family wasn’t rosy. Earlier this year, the singer revealed how they struggled to raise money for his dad’s coffin. This despite the fact that he was a carpenter working in Mathare slums.

“My story is really a story!! I don’t talk about my past because I’m not a sympathy seeker!! I get so hurt when people say hurtful things to me without thinking of the impact After!! I am a very strong young man,” said Willy Paul in October.

He added: “The life I lived before; when my late Dad ( Paul ) was still alive….. was beyond umaskini ( poverty) My dad was a carpenter in the slums of Mathare KENYA But when he died there was no money to buy his body casket!! We didn’t have money to pay for the mortuary .. we were forced to do unbelievable things just to get him a cheap casket of about 4500 kenya shillings!! A casket that even had holes.. .. .. I will tell you more soon when I gather the energy to! The life I’m living today, only God can tell how appreciative of it I am.”

Last Saturday, the ‘Jigi Jigi’ hitmaker visited his late dad’s grave and wished he was alive to “enjoy my success with me.”

He wrote on social media; “7 yrs down the line and i still cant get you out of my mind dad… today i went to visit my dad’s grave after 7yrs… i wish he was alive to see what the Lord has done in my life.. i wish he was alive to enjoy my success with me… it pains and breaks my heart equally whenever i think of my late Father.. PAUL RADIDO.. papa.. you will always have a place in my heart.”

It appears the premise has been set for his next release and we are willing to bet it will be a dedication to his father.