Just days after he won the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in the August 8 election, Sonko hit the ground running with a massive operation to clean up Kidero’s garbage.

Dubbed ‘Operation Ngarisha Jiji’, the cleanup exercise saw Sonko dispatch 50 trucks to cover the entire county.

Two months later, the performing Governor has now embarked on a mission tackle the eyesore that is the Dandora Dumpsite.

The dumpsite proved a difficult task for Kidero and his government that they considered moving it to Ruai. When this was not feasible, City Hall turned its focus to find a short-term solution and the best they could come up with was pushing the garbage from the entrance to the farthest end.

Speaking in his office last year, then County Secretary Robert Ayisi said: “We assessed the dumpsite in December and found out most waste is deposited at the point of entry. We now have bulldozers at the site pushing the garbage to the furthest end,” he said.

This would ensure that there was space for more garbage for the next 10 years.

Well, the new County Boss is taking a different approach and there are reasons to be optimistic.

Sonko plans to have a garbage recycling plant installed and he has already received a proposal for the project from Chinese international company AV int.

Here’s the post he made on Facebook yesterday.

“Earlier today I received a proposal on Dandora’s dumpsite installation of a giant recycling plant at Dandora dumpsite from a Chinese international company AV int. Once complete the recycline plant which shall be procured through Public private partnership process shall address the current garbage dumping challenge we are currently facing in Nairobi. The public procurement and disposal act shall strictly be complied with before awarding the project to any competent company hence all international companies willing to present their proposals will be invited to do so.”