According to popular opinion in the Kenyan interwebs, President Uhuru Kenyatta is the coolest Head of State. This is after a video emerged on social media showing the President’s interview with popular radio presenter Daniel Githinji Mwangi best known as ‘Mbusii’.

The video was filmed sometime back and it shows the President having a sit down with Radio Jambo cohosts Mbusii and Lion. In the short clip, the President talks about maintaining peace and urges Kenyan youth to shun tribalism amid the political impasse.

However, it is after Uhuru’s remarks that the clip begins to get interesting. It shows Mbusii in his true element with Uhuru looking noticeably amused by the radio presenter.

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Watch the clip below.

This is how netizens reacted:

  • ncheche_mills: He looks cute
  • faith.wm: ???
  • spinnermurage: That’s my Prreeeeezzzooo….
  • lilygutu: Too good
  • chrispin_n: The best president in African, and the best I know under the sun
  • montelzer: My prezo is mo fire
  • home165: Nomaaaaaa
  • modern_farmers2017: Prezooo
  • marionkatana: That’s my president ?
  • anitanita3674: Wow Wow noma xana prezzzo
  • smitkenntz: Haha ..orezo amekuwa mnati..ungemfunga taban kwa kichwa @mbusi
  • alanchawiyah: Cool president indeed. May God grant you the wisdom to unite the country
  • eddiekubbs_jr_254: Sindio ?
  • qatelyn_lurvy??mabuda wa politics??… Uhuru I salute… ?u b the man…
  • doreenwavua: ?????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • laikipiagal: Dat ma prezzo I love you
  • ibrahimni85: Daaaaah… nice1 my president . messege sent n delivered. da REAL PREZZO
  • ephysaint: Too cool ?
  • sayiori: Salute @president.of.republic.ofkenya
  • raphohrh: Amani bila Justice ???????????
  • mwangijulz: ??
  • eliazermabwai: This was so so cool of Uhuru
  • starting_numberone: Prezzo ako aireee
  • yujin_kip: Kenya has the coolest prezzzo in the world
  • mwangangimuatha: Our president
  • mosesmakalasia: Representative leader with all kind of representation to the people ,,,
  • afrikandrake: Stoners ?
  • martinkellmen: ???Na bado ako tipsy
  • erickoh9977: My president that loves all people. We need development peace and unity sir