The food served in most Kenyan public schools is almost not suitable for pigs.

Stories of high school students in particular who love their school food are almost non-existent. It also says a lot when many school riots have food as the cause.

Apart from the badly prepared nature of the meals, the ‘balanced diet’ is usually composed of 3 options; Githeri, Ugali or rice. One a week, some schools treat their students to a piece or two of meat.

But when you pay Sh20,000 a term, the school administration is not accorded a lot of purchasing power.

But what about a school that pays over Sh700,000 a term? Well, the choices open up. One such schools is the Molo based St Andrew’s, Turi.

We did a story after the Moi Girls fire showing how the different the dormitories are at St Andrew’s compared to 99% of Kenyan schools.

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Here are some pics.

You may be pleased to learn that upon enrolling your kid there, no expense is spared on meals either. A copy of their menu for what they are calling the ‘Christmas Term’ has leaked online, and Kenyans on Twitter have been left with their mouths wide open.

You’re free to Google what you don’t understand.