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Zimbabwe’s ruling party to discuss firing Mugabe, source says

A senior member of the influential organization of the nation’s army veterans confirmed the planned ZANU-PF meeting to CNN. The party had called for Mugabe and his wife, who serves as its women’s league leader, to resign Friday, the main state newspaper The Herald reported.

Mugabe supporters mull his fate: ‘It’s as if their father died’

CNN traveled to rural areas just outside Harare, areas that were previously strongholds of Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF, the ruling party born out of the struggle for liberation from white rule in the 1970s. Because of its connection to the country’s liberation, the party’s ideology is deeply ingrained in many people’s heads and hearts.

General says he’d push back on ‘illegal’ nuclear strike order

Speaking at the Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia, Canada, Gen. John Hyten, who is the commander of US Strategic Command, shared what would happen if he were ordered to launch a nuclear strike. “I provide advice to the President,” Hyten said.

Protesters gather outside Libyan Embassy after CNN report on migrant auctions

“We have to mobilize. We can’t let this kind of thing happen,” one protester told France 24 at the rally Saturday. “Did we really need to see such shocking pictures before taking a stand? I don’t think so.” After obtaining footage of an auction, CNN’s Nima Elbagir and her crew went to Libya in October to investigate further.

David Cassidy, ‘Partridge Family’ superstar, in critical condition

Cassidy is being treated at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area hospital, longtime publicist Jo-Ann Geffen told CNN on Saturday. He is in the intensive care unit and has a breathing tube, she said. “He is conscious and surrounded by family and friends, nothing is imminent and we are taking it day by day,” Geffen said.

People for sale: Where lives are auctioned for $400

Not a used car, a piece of land, or an item of furniture. Not “merchandise” at all, but two human beings. One of the unidentified men being sold in the grainy cell phone video obtained by CNN is Nigerian. He appears to be in his twenties and is wearing a pale shirt and sweatpants.

Hong Kong football fans take a stand as Chinese anthem law looms

As the Chinese national anthem “March of the Volunteers” boomed from the loudspeakers at Hong Kong Stadium, fans erupted into full-throated boos, some waving flags, others covering their faces. Jeering the anthem has become almost routine at Hong Kong international matches since pro-democracy protests in 2014, but now with the prospect of a law that could bring a prison sentence, it’s becoming a more dangerous — and pointed — protest.

Robert Mugabe REFUSES to step down

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, 93, clung to power on Sunday night with a rambling speech in Harare The dictator vowed to hold a Zanu PF party conference in the coming weeks and said he would preside over it Mugabe, who was widely expected to stand down, vowed to fix party tensions and called for national unity Veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa said afterward that plans to impeach Mugabe will go ahead on Monday Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe improbably clung to power on Sunday night during a rambling speech in the capital Harare.

Jeremy Clarkson warns against putting driverless cars on the roads

Jeremy Clarkson said an autonomous car made mistakes during a 50-mile ride He said the car made two mistakes that could have killed him during the drive Clarkson said that it convinced him the technology was still ‘a very long way off’ It comes as Hammond prepared to put driverless cars on the roads by 2021 Jeremy Clarkson has warned of the dangers of driverless cars as Chancellor Philip Hammond prepared to give autonomous vehicles the green light for testing on UK roads in the Budget.

Doctors say David Cassidy, 67, is ‘near the end’

The actor and singer, 67, was taken to a hospital in Florida three days ago He is believed to have been in failing health for the last two months His family is said to be gathered at his bedside and are preparing for the worst Cassidy is widely known for

Robert Mugabe’s son posts defiant message on Facebook

Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe wrote ‘you can’t fire a revolutionary leader’ online Using the name of his father’s clan, he wrote on Facebook: ‘Gushungo will always remain the champion of champions! Proud of you Gushungo.

Mystery remains over whereabouts and fate of Zimbabwe’s Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe, 53, has not been seen in public since the military took power It is not clear what her fate will be now that husband Robert has agreed to resign Reports have emerged of prosecutions against several of her political allies, but it is not clear if she will also be forced to face court She is reportedly under house arrest in Harare, but this has not been confirmed The end finally arrived for Robert Mugabe on Sunday after he was forced to resign Zimbabwe’s presidency.

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe to make announcement

The key to understanding Mr Mugabe is the 1970s guerrilla war where he made his name. At the time, he was seen as a revolutionary hero, fighting white minority rule for the freedom of his people – this is why many African leaders remain reluctant to criticise him.

Morocco food stampede ‘leaves 15 dead’

At least 15 people have been killed and at least five injured in a stampede in Morocco while food aid was being handed out. The incident happened in the village of Sidi Boualem, about 150km (90 miles) south-west of Casablanca.

Israel president rejects soldier’s pardon

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has rejected an appeal for a pardon for a soldier jailed for 18 months for killing a wounded Palestinian attacker. Elor Azaria was found guilty in January of manslaughter over the March 2016 shooting of Abdul Fatah al-Sharif, 21, in Hebron, in the occupied West Bank.

The Greek island with the key to longevity

With thin, white hair pinned to the side and thick glasses perched on the bridge of her nose, Ioanna Proiou slid her wrinkled, sun-spotted fingers over the strands of baby-blue wool stretched across her heavy wooden loom. She clanked a lever forward on the handmade machine again and again, a technique she has perfected over 90 years.

After the Mugabes, which African dynasties remain?

With Robert Mugabe’s hopes of handing power to his wife in Zimbabwe over, which political dynasties are still going strong elsewhere in Africa? Since the 1990s, multi-party elections and peaceful transfers of power have become far more common on the continent but quite a few current leaders have succeeded their fathers, or are planning to hand power to their sons.

‘He Was Masturbating… I Felt Like Crying’: What Housekeepers Endure To Clean Hotel Rooms

Cecilia was working as a minibar attendant at a Chicago hotel when she knocked on the guest’s door and announced herself. The man’s response was quick and unequivocal: “You can come in.” When she opened the door, “He was at the computer, masturbating,” Cecilia recalled. She was overcome with shock and embarrassment.

Zimbabwe’s Ruling Party Gives Mugabe 24 Hours To Quit Or Face Impeachment

HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe’s ruling party fired Robert Mugabe as its leader on Sunday and gave the 93-year-old less than 24 hours to quit as head of state or face impeachment, an attempt to force a peaceful end to his 37 years in power after a de facto coup.

Black Men’s Sentences 20 Percent Longer Than White Men’s For Similar Crimes

Black men are sentenced to far more time in prison than white men for committing similar crimes, according to a new report from the U.S. Sentencing Commission. A report released last week from the USSC ― an independent agency of the U.S. judicial branch ― looked at federal prison sentences in the United States from Oct.