These are the stories making world headlines today.

Trump complicates his effort to warm Russia ties

President Donald Trump tore up his diplomatic script this weekend in favor of an angrier, more familiar role after his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an economic summit were limited to hallway conversations lasting little more than five minutes.

Top UK politicians want Boris Johnson sacked over Zaghari-Ratcliffe case

On Sunday both Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called on May to fire Johnson — who has been under increasing pressure since Iranian state TV claimed that his statements on the plight of the British-Iranian woman imprisoned in Tehran on charges of espionage confirmed her guilt.

McCain slams Trump over siding with Putin on Russia meddling

“President Trump today stated that he believed Vladimir Putin is being sincere when he denies Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and reiterated that he hopes to cooperate with Russia in Syria,” McCain, a strong critic of the President, said in a statement.

Mass graves of civilians found in Kirkuk province

The news conference was held at the site of the mass graves, which were discovered in the al-Bakara area, about 3 kilometers north of the city of Hawija. That area was an American base prior to 2011, Kirkuk Governor Rakan Saeed said. “We are standing here, where …

Alibaba: Singles Day sales hit record $25 billion in 24 hours

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said Saturday that sales soared past $18 billion after just 13 hours of the retail blitz known as Singles Day, eclipsing the $17.8 billion it managed in the full 24 hours last year. Singles Day, a bonanza of online spending in China, has for years racked up more sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

How Didier Drogba helped end a civil war

The players had just made history, securing Ivory Coast’s place at the 2006 World Cup, their first ever appearance at the global tournament with a 3-1 victory away over Sudan. Though the scene in the changing room was one of jubilation, the players had more pressing concerns on their minds.

Lewis Hamilton says Formula One teammates robbed in Brazil

Hamilton and his Mercedes-Benz team are in Sao Paulo for Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix. Hamilton said on Twitter his team members were “held up at gunpoint” and shots were fired. One teammate had a gun held to his head, Hamilton said. The team was riding in a minibus at the time, Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Communications chief Bradley Lord said.

Rajoy to kick off campaign in Catalonia

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy will visit Catalonia on Sunday to begin campaigning for his Popular Party, ahead of early elections in December. Mr Rajoy is expected to address a meeting of supporters of the conservative party on Sunday morning. His visit comes after 750,000 people rallied in Barcelona to protest against the detention of Catalan leaders.

Trump calls Kim Jong-un ‘short and fat’

US President Donald Trump has offered Asia his services as a mediator, shortly after tweeting insults. At the start of a meeting in Hanoi with the Vietnamese president, Mr Trump said he could help arbitrate the regional South China Sea dispute, which includes Vietnam and China.

Trump’s tour leaves observers perplexed

First Donald Trump insulted North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, then, hours later, said he hoped the two could be friends in the future. It is exactly the kind of contradiction that has typified his five-nation tour of Asia and left many observers scratching their heads. But what can we decipher about the US president’s approach?

How Singles Day shows China’s evolution

I still remember growing up in communist China in the 1970s, when my mother and neighbours would use their ration tickets to buy meat at a state-run store. Very little thought went into shopping because there was not much to buy. People simply bought what little was available.

Elephant gets tusk-saving surgery

From the section Latin America & Caribbean The zoo in the Colombian city of Barranquilla successfully performed surgery on a five-tonne African elephant found on a ranch owned by drug traffickers. Thirty people were involved as the elephant, named Tantor, was sedated for three hours. Root canal work was performed on a cracked tusk.

Crunch Report | to sell for at least $800 million

Today’s Stories China’s Toutiao is buying in a deal worth $800M-$1B Uber loses UK tribunal appeal over driver employment rights Uber ‘Express POOL’ offers the cheapest fare if…

Netflix cuts ties with Louis CK

Netflix has announced that it will not be making a second stand-up special with comedian Louis CK. For years, rumors have swirled that Louis CK engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with the women around him. Gawker led coverage of these rumors in 2015 (and even as early as 2012).

Instagram could let you follow hashtags soon

Instagram is testing a new feature with a small fraction of its user base. As spotted by Pippa Akram and The Next Web, some users can now search for a hashtag and follow this tag in particular. Instagram used to feel like a carefully curated community.

Mysterious ‘green line of death’ appears on some iPhone X displays

It wouldn’t be the launch of a first-generation Apple product without a few hiccups – who can forget Antennagate and Bendgate? – and the iPhone X is no different. A handful of users report that a mysterious and inextinguishable green line has appeared on their device’s display.

Trump Attacks Kim Jong Un In Bizarre Twitter Rant: ‘I Would Never Call Him Short And Fat.’

President Donald Trump launched into a wild Twitter rant on Saturday after a statement from North Korea referred to him as an “old lunatic.” “Why would Kim Jong Un insult me by calling me ‘old,’ when I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat?’,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Hope Solo Says Ex-FIFA President Sepp Blatter Groped Her

(Reuters) – U.S. soccer star Hope Solo accused ex-FIFA President Sepp Blatter of grabbing her buttocks during an awards ceremony five years ago, an allegation that the former head of international football’s governing body denied. Solo, 36, told a Portuguese newspaper that Blatter touched her inappropriately in January 2013 during the Ballon D’or awards ceremony in Lisbon.

Walmart Shopper Who Broke His Hip Picking Out A Watermelon Awarded $7.5 Million

An Alabama jury has decided that the Army veteran who broke his hip while picking out a watermelon at a Walmart store should receive $7.5 million. Retired Sgt. Henry Walker was 59 in June 2015 when he went shopping at a Walmart in Phenix City, Alabama, the Ledger-Enquirer reports.

Disneyland Shuts Down After Legionnaires Outbreak Sickens 12

LOS ANGELES, Nov 11 (Reuters) – Disneyland has shut down and decontaminated two cooling towers following an outbreak of Legionnaires disease that sickened 12 people, nine of them guests or employees at the theme park in Anaheim, county health officials said on Saturday.