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Trump: ‘I don’t blame China’ for taking advantage of US on trade

Emerging after two hours of talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump said he doesn’t fault China for taking advantage of differences between the way the two countries do business. “I don’t blame China,” Trump said during remarks to business leaders inside the Great Hall of the People.

Kevin Spacey being replaced in ‘All the Money in the World’

Christopher Plummer will take over Spacey’s role in the film, which despite the last-minute change, is still set for release on December 22. The decision, a source told CNN, was made by Scott and producers from Imperative Entertainment, with the full support of Sony Pictures.

Former TV anchor says Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted her son in 2016

The alleged assault took place in July 2016, said Unruh, who spoke during a press conference about the incident. She said Spacey sexually assaulted her son in 2016 when he was 18 years old. Unruh claims the assault happened at a bar in Nantucket and that Spacey “stuck his hand down my son’s pants and grabbed his genitals.”

AT&T exec calls Time Warner deal timing ‘uncertain’

On Wednesday the company said the timing of the deal’s closing is “uncertain.” “We are in active discussions with the DOJ,” John J. Stephens, chief financial officer for AT&T , said at a Wells Fargo conference. The stock of Time Warner , which owns CNN, fell more than 3% in early trading.

UK minister Priti Patel resigns over secret Israel trip

The UK secretary of state for international development was summoned back from Kenya by Prime Minister Theresa May after it was revealed she met senior Israeli officials during a family holiday in the summer, a significant breach of diplomatic protocol.

‘Zombie’ star won’t die, even after exploding

When they first observed supernova iPTF14hls in September 2014, astronomers at Las Cumbres Observatory in California thought it was perfectly normal. They analyzed the light of the explosion to study the material ejected and its speed.

3 UCLA basketball players reportedly arrested in China for shoplifting

The sports network, citing a source with firsthand knowledge, said LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were released on bail after being questioned about stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store near the team hotel. ESPN’s LA-based reporter Arash Markazi is covering the team from China.

Spacey to be erased from completed film

US actor Kevin Spacey is to be erased from a completed Hollywood film following the allegations of predatory sexual behaviour against him. His role in All the Money in the World is to be recast and his scenes reshot. The release is expected to go ahead as planned on 22 December.

‘Iron man’ flight sets first world record

Richard Browning crossed a lake in Reading at more than 30mph.

Colombia seizes 12 tons of cocaine

From the section Latin America & Caribbean The Colombian government says it has located 12 tons of cocaine in the largest drug seizure in the country’s history. The drugs were found buried in four banana plantations in the north of the country, close to the routes used to smuggle cocaine to the US.

US asks for CNN sale amid merger review

The US, which is reviewing a pending $85bn merger between Time Warner and AT&T, has proposed sale of assets such as CNN as a condition for approval. Reports of the negotiations came as an AT&T executive said he no longer expects the deal to close this year.

Obama reports for jury duty in Chicago

Former US President Barack Obama has turned up for jury duty at a Chicago courthouse, but was dismissed by the judge without being called on to serve. Crowds thronged the Daley Center municipal building to catch a glimpse of the 44th US president, who has a home in the Illinois city.

Saudi purge shows prince’s ruthlessness

Big things are happening in Saudi Arabia. Princes, ministers and top businessmen are being arrested, detained in a luxury hotel, accused of corruption, their planes grounded and their assets seized. The driving force behind this is 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who also heads the newly formed anti-corruption committee.

Trump Seals $250 Billion In Trade Deals With China, But Long-Standing Concerns Remain

BEIJING/SHANGHAI, Nov 9 (Reuters) – President Donald Trump can return to the United States claiming to have snagged over $250 billion in deals from his maiden trip to Beijing. Whether those deals live up to the lofty price tag is another question altogether.

Twitter Verifies Jason Kessler, Organizer Of Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August that left one person dead, was verified on Twitter. The Daily Beast reports that the white supremacist got the official badge next to his name Tuesday.

‘Prison Break’ Star Robert Knepper Accused Of Sexual Assault On Set Of 1992 Film

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday, costume designer Susan Bertram has accused “Prison Break” star Robert Knepper of sexual assault on the set of the 1992 Allison Anders film “Gas Food Lodging.” Bertram decided to come forward, in part, after learning in late 2016 about leaked “Access Hollywood” tape of a conversation between Billy Bush and Donald Trump.

It Only Took Trump One Year To Trash America’s Global Reputation

A few days after the election that elevated Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency, the German magazine Der Spiegel ran an image on its cover of Trump’s head ― a blaze of yellow and orange ― hurtling through dark space toward the globe, above the headline “The End of the World.”

Eurek-baa: Scientists Say Sheep Can Recognize Celebrity Faces

LONDON (Reuters) – Sheep have been trained to recognize the faces of celebrities, including former U.S. President Barack Obama, by University of Cambridge scientists who hope it may help with understanding neurodegenerative diseases. In a specially equipped pen, sheep were shown pictures of people on two computer screens, on one side would be an unknown person and on the other would be one of four celebrities.

Four Women In One Family Wore The Same Handmade Wedding Gown From 1932

Over the last 85 years, four women in one family have worn the same silk dress for their weddings. It all started with Maria Teresa Moreno ― known by her relatives as “Grande” ― who made the gown herself before her own wedding in 1932.

Turns out Barack Obama can make even jury duty look fun

Barack Obama has done the unthinkable: given millions of people FOMO over not serving jury duty. Former President Barack Obama was at Chicago’s Richard J. Daley Center on Wednesday to perform his civic responsibility and show up for jury duty.

Hillary Clinton guest-edited an issue of Teen Vogue

Before ending its print edition, Teen Vogue got in one last dream editor under the wire. Hillary Clinton guest-edited the latest issue of the magazine, set to hit newsstands Dec. 5. “Have you ever noticed that whenever a teenage girl takes a stand on an important issue, people seem surprised?”

One of Marvel’s greatest talents is moving to DC

Brian Michael Bendis has been working with Marvel for the better part of 20 years. He built its well-regarded “Ultimates” universe; his roster of characters includes Jessica Jones and Miles Morales (the latest Spider-Man.) And now Bendis just shocked the comics world by signing an exclusive deal with Marvel’s mortal enemy, DC Comics.