NASA, turned NRM, has defended the call for the boycott of products from companies they claim are supporting the Jubilee government.

Last Friday, the NASA leadership listed Safaricom, Bidco, and Brookside as some of the firms whose products and services should be boycotted by its supporters.

The leaders said the move was a means of addressing electoral injustices in the country.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Monday led Nasa MPs in buying Airtel SIM cards at the mobile operator’s shop on Koinange Street in Nairobi. He arrived at the shop at exactly 4 pm and left after 10 minutes with his Airtel line without addressing the media and a handful of supporters who were waiting for him outside.


Meanwhile, the Central Organisation of Trade Unions(COTU) has appealed to Nasa to consider its call to supporters to boycott products by some companies, saying the move would hurt workers.

On its part, the Safaricom Dealers Association says the livelihoods of at least one million people will be directly affected if Kenyans heeded the Opposition’s call.

The calls by the two bodies, however, appear to be falling on deaf ears if a viral video of a NASA supporter is anything to go by. The clip shows a man walking the streets and calling on anyone who cares to listen, to boycott the three companies.

“Raila amesema…Stop being a Safaricomian..Stop being a Bidi..bidi..bidcomian and stop being a Brooksider,” the man is heard saying in his passionate appeal.

Watch the clip below: