Award-winning gospel star Roy Smith Mwatia, better known by his stage name Rufftone, has revealed what his meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier in the year was all about.

The gospel crooner was one of Kenya’s popular musicians used during the electioneering period to influence the youth to vote.

His popularity saw him have a sit down with the president at Statehouse where they talked about the challenges facing the youth of this country.

According to Rufftone, he kept it real with the Head of State and asked tough questions.

“When I went to State House and the President asked me to talk about voter registration, I saw it as a challenge because it was very discouraging that youth are passive as far as voter apathy and yet we are the highest population, about 75%. So I asked the President the tough questions the youth were asking. I wanted to be real because I did not want people to say I’m a State House puppet and all that,” he said.

“So I told him the youth are saying they are being used as a bridge to construct a political mansion. Once politicians have constructed their palaces, they forget about the youth. And also the issue of corruption, which is said not to be handled correctly and Mr President Uhuru responded positively about it.

“For me it is not late if we can be proactive and have the right altitude and monitor and correct each other. We cannot succumb to this disease we can still change”.