Wedding bells for Kenya’s celebrity couple Cece Sagini and Victor Peace are ringing louder than ever before. This after the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids came together for her bridal shower.

They say that nothing makes any bride-to-be feel special than a bridal shower with her closest friends, and Cece’s was no exception.

Over the weekend, the singer’s close friends came together and threw her a surprise party to celebrate the impending nuptials.

Cece, who recently made the switch from secular music to gospel music, took to her Instagram to share a picture of what looks like a fun bridal shower.

She captioned it: “Thank you lovely ladies for the surprise bridal shower this past weekend ???… and a big shout to bestie for planning, I loooooooved it.”

Cece, who together with photographer Victor Peace share their journey through vlogging, promised to put up a video of the bridal shower.

The lovebirds held their traditional wedding – Ruracio/Ekeragerio – in June. The traditional wedding rite came less than two years after Victor Peace, a lifestyle photographer popularly known for This is Ess blog photos, went down on one knee on live TV during Cece’s interview on the Trend.

Their wedding is expected anytime from now following the bridal shower.

Cece, in a recent interview, declined to reveal the date for the big day, saying: “Well, we will keep that private, you can’t put everything out there; we have to maintain some boundaries.

“As much as we are public figures we have to consider our relatives, there are things in the African culture that you just don’t do. So don’t worry you will see the photos once it’s done.”