The long, drawn-out political impasse and electioneering period has undoubtedly taken its toll on every single Kenyan. Add to it the violence, police killings, riots, and we just might be suffering from political trauma without even realizing it.

One individual who has already diagnosed himself with political trauma is the outspoken city lawyer Donald Kipkorir. The controversial and outspoken public figure has, as a result, taken measures to heal from Kenya’s tiring political scene.

According to Donald, “When The Canaan Trip Stalled, I Opted For Mediterranean Therapy!”

Being a man of means and flamboyance, the wealthy lawyer turned to his Italian tailor, identified as Roberto Rizzotti, for some new designer suits.

Taking to social media, Donald was at his showboating best and shared pictures as Roberto took his measurements.

He wrote: “When The Canaan Trip Stalled, I Opted For Mediterranean Therapy! To heal from political trauma, I asked my Italian Tailor, Roberto Rizzotti to come take measurements for more suits … We can lose on political lanes, but not on sartorial ones. Life must go on.”