Weeks after radio presenter Tina Kaggia revealed that her marriage to JB Masanduku had ended, the comedian appears to have moved on with his life.

In the last couple of weeks since the revelation, Tina Kaggia has appeared on TV interviews to narrate how she almost lost herself in depression, alcohol addiction, and even contemplated suicide.

According to Tina Kaggia, JB Masanduku was rarely involved in their children’s life as he was not ready to give up partying.

“He was out drinking the whole time and only saw his son after two days,” she recalled.

“He was never there, he would miss important dates and his vanishing acts – where he would disappear for days – became commonplace,” she revealed, adding that he would switch off his phone only for her to see pictures of his whereabouts doing rounds on social media.

It was not until the beginning of this year that she started trying to get her life together.

“I had to go through physical de-cluttering since almost everything I had brought back memories of our time together; I gave out most of my clothes and had to pick out new ones from my sister,” she said.

“I was not going to have them(kids) put in this kind of instability. I am neither going to raise my girls thinking it is OK to be treated that way nor let my son think women ought to be treated that way,” she stated.

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Masanduku on the other hand appears to be enjoying the warmth and love of a new catch, Njenga Leisly. He took to his Instagram page to show off the new lady in his life, captioning two of their pictures with hashtags #Justmeandher and #favouritehuman.