Witness Yusuf Masudi (2nd row, in spectacles) Photo/Courtesy

There was drama at a court in Kisumu County after a man was taken to court cells for calling an advocate “My Dear.”

Yusuf Masudi, a witness in the petition case by former Governor Jack Ranguma against incumbent Anyang Nyong’o, used the phrase while on the witness stand.

Advocate Julie Soweto had asked Masudi why he did not include some of the information he was giving the court in his affidavit.

“I need not put everything I hear, my dear,” Masudi responded.

It was then that Judge David Majanja interjected and asked him to apologise.

“I apologise,” the witness said. When asked if he knew why he apologised, he replied; ” No. You just told me to apologise.”

Judge Majanja ordered the officers of the court to take Masudi away so he would think about what he had said. He was followed by advocate Gilbert Oguso who later told the court that he had explained to the witness what he should and shouldn’t say in court.

Justice Majanja said that such utterances are unacceptable and sexist so they cannot be allowed in court.

“There is the language he uses in his bedroom and in court. Please, this a new Kenya where we respect women by not referring to them as ‘dear’ but by their titles and full names,” said the Judge.

Masudi apologised again when he returned on the stand.

“I have realised I used words not accepted in court. I do apologise for using such words,” he said before the advocate carried on with proceedings.