It has been a long, exhausting couple of months as a result of the Kenyan political scene. From the long-drawn-out electoral process to the violence and riots, Kenyans can at least heave a sigh of relief following the Supreme Court’s decision on Monday to uphold Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.

So tiring has the situation been that it has awakened a sleeping rap giant in Abbas Kubaff who is all the way in Europe, Malta Island to be precise, where he relocated with his family last year.

The veteran East African King of the mic returns with a deep new track dubbed ‘Ukweli.’ Usually known for releasing feel-good and lighthearted projects for our entertainment, Abbas takes on a different approach in ‘Ukweli’ and delivers the absolute truth about Kenya’s current sociopolitical ‘crisis.’

Not only does he take our Kenyan leaders to task but also questions the resolve of each and every Kenyan in eliminating tribal politics.

“The prolonged chaotic situation in Kenya is nothing to be taken lightly!…I had to hit the booth and talk to the people about it..hopefully it will make a difference if the message is delivered,” says Abbas.

‘Ukweli’ features Sebby and is produced by Ken Ring, mixed and mastered by Kimathi Castello / K.O. aka Mambo grand courtesy of 9INCH RECORDS.

This is exactly why Abbas manages to remain relevant and on top of the game.

Listen to’Ukweli’ below.