If you don’t know by now, social media can be a cruel place especially for individuals in the limelight. On more than numerous occasions, we have seen high profile Kenyan personalities calling out fake social media accounts over impersonation.

One person who is no stranger to imposters is Citizen TV news presenter Lillian Muli, who for the umpteenth time has fallen victim to character assassination.

A social media post by an account going by the name Lilian K Muli is all the rave in the internet circles. The post is addressed to Kenyan women about their expectations of a relationship after sex.

The post reads: “Hey Kenyan men, not every s*x means we want a relationship with you. Saa zingine si madem tunatoa lock.”

Lillian Muli, having caught wind of the hilarious post, took to Instagram to disown it.

She wrote: “What the hell is this! I’m so done with these weird people…this is not me! First of all who says such nonsense!”

I think it’s time someone told Ms Muli to get her accounts verified.