Legendary rapper Jua Cali has over the years managed to keep his family away from the prying eyes of the media.

Until some months ago, his wife Lily Asigo and their two kids were relatively unknown. The couple is now expecting a third child, a girl, after a fun-filled baby shower last weekend.

Revered for his talent and street personality, the ‘Kiasi’ hitmaker is now gaining admiration for being quite the family man.

Speaking during a TV interview recently, the Calif Records founder revealed the secret to keeping his family off the limelight.

“Family plays a big role to make sure I’m good,” Jua Cali said.

“The secret ni kumake sure unamek ngoma poa, ndio relationship yako na mafans inakua poa ndio they won’t ask you about your personal life. On the other hand, I like my family on their own lane not being disturbed by people. Nikiget chance ya kuwashow off, ninawashow off.”

His wife has been his make-up artiste for some of his latest videos, including ‘Safsana’ and the more recent ‘Vile Naskia’ featuring Wyre.