To many, and rightly so, Janet Mbugua is among the best television presenters to ever grace Kenyan TV. Until April this year, Janet served as a prime-time news anchor at Citizen TV for six years.

While news of her exit came as a shock and disappointment to many, Janet continues to inspire as a mother and a humanitarian. She serves as Lifebuoy’s ambassador and is also involved in other projects including TheJourneyWithJanet with Resolution Insurance and #IAmMotherhood ( and Inua Dada which she founded to empower young women.

At 33 years of age, she has worked as a television news presenter, reporter, producer, and as a radio presenter when she started her career at Capital FM in 2004 aged 19.

She has also gone on record to reveal that she tried her hand at modeling at the tender age of 17.

Yesterday, being a throwback Thursday, Janet was feeling introspective after coming across pictures of her younger self. She took to Instagram to share some pictures when she was 22-Year-Old, and penned a letter to her younger self.

“I’m 22 years old in this particular photo. Playful, naive, contemplative still. If I could, I’d tell this young lady to begin self-love very early on, that she’s on a journey that will shake her and rattle her but ultimately leave her blessed, wiser, more loving, more lovable,” wrote Janet.

“That people will persecute her and celebrate her all at once and that’s ok, she’ll strike a balance within herself so that the noise all around her won’t shake her from her roots.”

In another post, she wrote: “You’re doing alright but you’re so hard on yourself! You peg your destiny too much on your past but you’ve got to remember; what she went through can’t break you, what was taken wasn’t yours, what was said to hurt you, wasn’t meant for you.”

She concluded: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Self-love, so that you’re not all about loathing, insults and a generally lackluster legacy. Look in the mirror…start there.”