Rarely do we hear anyone in this country declining a bribe and this is probably why we are ranked third most corrupt country in the world.

However, all is not lost after Siaya High Court Judge Esther Maina warned against any attempt to bribe her to give an unfair ruling in the petition challenging the election of Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga.

Justice Maina is presiding over a petition case filed by former Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo challenging the election of Governor Rasanga.

Noting that she has information that either the petitioner or the respondent has plans to bribe the court, Judge Maina warned anyone who might attempt of dire consequences.

“I have information that either the petitioner or the respondent have connived with their advocates to influence the outcome of this case. I will not fall into their traps,” said Justice Maina.

She further asked Gumbo and Governor Rasanga, who were in the court, never to send anyone to coerce her into making her ruling.

She asked them to take back their money if they have already sent anyone to execute the mission.

“I will not receive money from either you or your lawyers,” said Justice Maina.

The soft-spoken judge advised lead counsel Ogutu Mboya(representing Gumbo) and Francis Wasuna(representing Rasanga) to advise their clients promptly on the consequences of attempting to bribe a judge.

The judge then adjourned the sitting until Monday next week.