Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga is proud of her curves despite the negative comments she has been receiving from internet trolls.

The first time Senator rose to prominence earlier in the year when she launched her bid for the Nairobi Women Representative seat on Jubilee ticket. She was, however, trounced in the primaries by Rachel Shebesh, who eventually lost the seat to ODM candidate Esther Passaris in the August 8 general election.

Since then, she has had to deal with body-shamers for her plus size. She finally appeared to make a public statement about the issue on Wednesday through her official Facebook page.

Sharing a picture flaunting her curves, Omanga said she loves how she looks and will not be looking to lose an inch.

“Some call it Fat, Hippo, Elephant, Disability … I Love it and I am sure many like it! Am not loosing an inch
Haters and pretenders ndio mko Na shida leteni Matusi sasa…” wrote Omanga.

The post contradicts another post she made in September, hinting at hitting the gym to get back in shape.