He is arguably the best comedian in the country and beyond, I dare say. Timothy Kimani better known by his moniker Njugush shot to prominence a few years back as a star in the comedy shows Real Househelps of Kawangware and Hapa Kule News.

Since then, he has become a household name and is one of the most consistent and creative content creators on Kenyan interwebs.

Until yesterday, few people knew that he has a younger brother, Ngugi Ndegwa. Taking to his Instagram page, Njugush shared an old picture with his siblings that has left his followers in stitches.

He captioned the pic: Good looks since 1961 naniii .Go argue in groups mniletee your findings na msiweke headings in your work hii picha iko na heading moja kubwa for all………Ignore my bro yeye hupenda kulala.lool”

Meet his brother who describes himself as a blogger, spoken-word artist, and poet.

Today is your birthday . I wish you nothing but all you ever wished for and when you have it all i wish nothing but to stand by your side and look back at the world we conquered. There is alot to remember as kids ..kuchapwa na mathee na pia usisahau nlikuachia kale kamkate kanono kachini hehe..kukubebea bag ukitoroka watu wasifunge shule na wewe. I still remember you taught me how to ride a bicycle and that you were the best friend i knew when i followed you to this world. I will repay every sacrifice one day . We will be legendary you promised and i believed too because you were my elder. But for now zeeka kula chumvi kabisa. Mum brought up great men and i know dad is proud . Happy birthday brother. #Happybirthday

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