Gone are the days when it was crucial for wives to submit to their husbands but singer Emmy Kosgei is keeping the practice alive.

The celebrated gospel singer has been married to Nigerian preacher Anselm Madubuko for about 5 years now. From pictures shared by Emmy Kosgei on social media, the two make up one of the most enviable couples.

And it appears the secret to their happy marriage is partly due to Emmy Kosgei’s submission as a dutiful wife. This became apparent on social media yesterday when Emmy Kosgei shared a picture kneeling before her husband.

She accompanied the picture with some deep and wise words about humility, noting that some little acts might look foolish but they add value.

She wrote: “Humility is never a weakness in life.. pride as they say comes before a fall,it doesn’t hurt to humble yourself,it doesn’t take anything out of you it actually adds! You remain a rib and helper to him regardless of you status financially or otherwise,must you be right always? Must your point come through always? Must you announce your contribution in your marriage? Must it be known that you do all things? Learn to tame your character,learn to bite your tongue. Treat hime like a king? that he is,love and honor him…. some little acts look foolish but it adds value! Do it out of love! Wisdom is profitable! Step down from 7th flr. #Godinthecentre#silencehaspower #stayhumble #killpride#relationshipgoals?#wekeeplearning”

The picture elicited some negative reactions from her followers and Emmy had the right answers for them.

  • mom_angel_the_iron_lady: Not by kneeling for him only for God not a husband cheeiiiii abomination
  • emmykosgei: @mom_angel_the_iron_lady continue standing my dear! Its a choice… you can even be boss lady ??? kneeling is my own honor to my king?
  • veromartins1: Sawa Emmy,hapa what were you doing?@emmykosgei
  • emmykosgei: @veromartins1 kneeling .. honoring my ?