Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot has dismissed claims that he was paid billions of shillings by Jubilee to participate in the disputed October 26 presidential election.

The Presidential candidate described the claims as “utter nonsense and sheer propaganda”.

Mr Aukot was speaking on Wednesday during an interview on Radio Jambo’s morning show.

“I followed the High Court order which directed IEBC to include my name on the ballot,” said Aukot.

He explained that he accepted to be on the ballot after the electoral agency convinced him the polls would be free and fair.

“The Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission explained to us how they would effectively do the voting and tallying,” he said. “We were happy with the process as was planned by the polls body.”

According to reports on social media, the lawyer, who garnered 27,333 votes, was transformed into a millionaire overnight for joining the race.

But Aukot said no one could stop or influence his decision to take part in the election. He maintained that his party is the official opposition.

“After Raila pulled out of the fresh elections, it is official that Thirdway alliance is the official opposition,” he said.

“Raila had lots of votes but pulled out. I expected him to endorse me so that I could easily send Uhuru home.”

Aukot also expressed optimism that his team is strong enough to put the government in check despite having no MPs.