Barely 3 months since they were voted in, all is not well in Babayao’s government.

The combative Ferdinand Waititu was thought to have made a good running mate choice by selecting James Nyoro, but how long their marriage will hold remains to be seen.

This past Sunday, at a church event attended by Deputy Governor William Ruto, the two had a very public spat. Waititu accused his deputy of “making too much noise..”

“Let me now introduce my deputy, who is Mr Nyoro, although he scolds me a lot,” said Mr Waititu.

When Nyoro took the mic, he expressed disappointment with his boss for washing their dirty linen in public.

“Your Excellency the Deputy President, I never thought my governor would say that (about the differences),” said Mr Nyoro.

“Sometimes there will be small issues here and there, but it’s not a must they be made public, and so I never thought that he would go public with our small issues.”

After the service, Ruto reportedly summoned the two and cautioned them against engaging in unnecessary fights, especially in public. He told them not to embarrass the president’s county.

“Before the Deputy President left, he called them and asked them what the issue was,” a source privy to the happenings told Nation, adding that Mr Waititu promised the DP that it will never happen again.

Dr. Nyoro has a lot of experience working with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He has also served as an agriculture adviser to the presidency.

Whether the two egos can work together harmoniously will be watched closely.