Paying for newspaper adverts to congratulate the president-elect is a practice that has refused to die. Since the times of Moi, government parastatals and departments spend millions of shillings booking spaces on various media to send their congratulatory messages.

This year is no different.

Following the Supreme Court decision to uphold Uhuru’s victory on Monday, county governments and government department are scrambling to send their messages. Yesterday was the turn of Kiambu and Nairobi counties, both with Jubilee governors.

Apart from the obvious waste of public resources, what caught Kenyans’ attention was the message itself. It happens that both counties sent an identical congratulatory message, leading many to wonder whether there is a template that should be followed by Jubilee governors.

“The people of [Insert county] came out in large numbers on the 26th October 2017 with one single purpose – to re-elect you. I couldn’t be more proud of my constituents.

Your excellencies; I pledge my support and solidarity, in the efforts of nation building, as you discharge your mandates in promoting the unity of our country, addressing the plights, leading Kenya on the path of prosperity, further well-being and security.” the message read in part.