Apparently, police brutality is a good thing only when it is happening to supporters of the opposition. This is after controversial legislator Babu Owino appeared to celebrate an incident at the Kasarani stadium on Tuesday that left several people injured.

During the presidential inauguration ceremony on Tuesday, a stampede occurred after a crowd attempted to force their way through the gates, forcing security officers to use tear gas to disperse them.

As a result, the police have been put on the spot for using excessive force to disperse the crowd.

But one individual who appears to have enjoyed the scenes at the stadium is the Embakasi East member of parliament who took to Twitter to share his sentiments.

He captioned a series of photos from the Tuesday incident: “Tano Tena in Action. I love this.”

The tweet attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter, with some joining the former student leader in celebrating.

We have sampled some reactions below.