It was probably the most anticipated speech in his 37 years of power, but trust Robert Mugabe to end it in the most anticlimactic manner.

World media had publicized his impending resignation the whole day, citing various ‘sources’. From Reuters to AP to Daily Mail, all major news sources splashed their websites with huge headlines of Mugabe’s resignation. They said he would read his speech later in the night, and he did with world media broadcasting live.

But what was thought to be a resignation speech turned into a 20 minute rumbling. He failed to mention anything about his resignation throwing everything into confusion.

He even promised to officiate a ZANU-PF delegates congress in December, probably the clearest indication that he is not going anywhere… at least for now. Funny enough, the same ZANU-PF had showed him the door just a few hours prior. The events of the next few days will surely be interesting to watch.

On a light note, Kenyans watching the speech were caught off guard when Mugabe concluded his speech with “Asante sana” (Thank you very much), plus a few other African tribal statements translating to the same. He may be 93 years, but he’s definitely still sharp enough to understand that African and the world were watching him at that very moment.

Watch that moment.