Kenyans on social media have no chills. No sooner had Anerlisa Muigai recovered from pancreatitis than she started getting backlash for allegedly being a husband snatcher.

The Keroche heiress has particularly been a favorite topic for the popular Kilimani Mums Facebook page where the allegations sprouted from.

On Instagram, a user identified as Joy Njokie, sarcastically alluded that Anerlisa’s new boyfriend had abandoned his wife and child.

“Say hi to don. His wife is still crying a river to God to have his husband back to her and their baby,” Joy Njokie commented on Anerlisa’s photo.

The photo shows Anerlisa with her mysterious boyfriend chilling by a swimming pool. For the umpteenth time, his face was carefully concealed even after it recently became apparent that Anerlisa had since broken up with former fiance, Stephen K.

Anerlisa, who is the founder of Nero Company, has been referring to her new man with the initials D.K. Responding to Njokie’s comments, she jumped to Don’s defence saying “no man is stolen.”

She wrote: “Joy_njokie Please remove this cheap crap from my page… you all been attacking me on chitchat and kilimani even when I was in my hospital bed. As I said if Don is married can she post their marriage certificate. (still waiting for it). And just to make it clear no man is stolen, he chooses to walk away and even if you have 1,2,3…10…50 kids before marriage doesn’t guarantee you of marriage #LetAGirlBreathe”

Joy was forced to eat humble pie and apologized saying she admires the popular Rich Kid of Kenyan Instagram.