It was a dramatic moment on Thursday evening when a Jubilee press conference was interrupted by a group of Nasa MPs led by Mathare MP Anthony Oluoch.

Murkomen had just finished speaking, in what was supposed to be a statement to Kenyans to the keep the peace. He explained that despite their political differences, leaders of both sides remain friends. He went on to state that in that same hotel, a group of Nasa MPs were currently having tea on his bill.

That statement was not received well by Oluoch, who stormed the press conference shouting and wondering which bill Murkomen was talking about.

“Which bill are you saying you will pay for us..” he shouted.

This went on in front of TV cameras for a while, before some security guards confronted him and pulled him away.

Whether Murkomen was footing the bill or not, most observers thought it was improper for Oluoch to make a big deal over nothing, especially when the statement was for the purpose of unifying Kenyans.

Watch that clip.