Nairobi legislators Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar and Paul Ongili Owino alias Babu Owino on Tuesday resorted to blows at the Parliament media centre.

The Embakasi East MP and his Starehe counterpart, who are first-time lawmakers, fought over their respective presidents.

Jaguar reportedly got irritated after Babu Owino referred to President Uhuru Kenyatta as a caretaker president.

The incident happened moments after the afternoon session started when Owino walked into the media centre where journalists were following the tabling of the Elections Amendments Law report.

Babu Owino greeted journalists then proceeded to the office of the parliamentary media relations officers before Jaguar stormed in asking “where is this Babu?”

Jaguar accused Babu Owino of disrespecting Uhuru but Babu maintained that Kenya has no president and that Raila is his president.

A heated scuffle ensued with Embakasi Central MP Benjamin Mwangi joining Jaguar in telling off Babu Owino.

“We will teach you a lesson Babu, you must respect the President,” said the Starehe MP.

An angry Babu Owino responded asking “which president? The only president I know is Raila Odinga.”

The youthful MPs, who form the new generation of Kenyan politicians, had to be separated by the parliamentary orderlies.

They will appear before the Powers and Privileges Committee, where they risk being suspended from attending House sittings for some time.

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