Kenyans, stop what you are doing. We need to take issue with popular American television series ‘Quantico’ for its blatant destruction of the Swahili language.

If you’re an ardent fan of the thrilling show, you may have noticed a scene where a foreign actress attempts to speak Swahili and fails miserably. If you haven’t watched it and you were shocked by Muhoho Kenyatta, you might as well prepare yourself for a cardiac arrest.

While there has been an outrage over terrorists speaking Swahili in the show and portraying Swahili speaking countries negatively, the real crime here is the shocking murder of our official language.

What was supposed to sound like ‘Yeye si mmoja wenu na mimi pia si mmoja wenu’ turned into something else altogether.

In this era, where Americans like ‘Mzungu Makanga’ have become famous for speaking Swahili, this is surely unacceptable.

Watch below.