Deputy President William Ruto has responded to Raila Odinga’s recent remark that he was the brains behind the 2008 Grand Coalition Government.

The NASA leader, speaking on Sunday October 15 during a campaign rally at Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa, accused Ruto of being hypocritical in claiming that NASA is fighting for ‘a nusu mkate government’ yet he was a big beneficiary of the 2008 government led by President Mwai Kibaki.

“In all their [Jubilee] rallies they are saying that I am only interested in a nusu mkate (coalition government) but in 2007 it was William Ruto who proposed the formation of a coalition government and used his influence in ODM to ensure it became a reality,” Raila said.

“Ruto was among the people who convinced me to accept the coalition government back in 2008. He even told me to accept and make him minister for agriculture…now what is he saying, we are not interested in a nusu mkate government,” said Odinga.

Ruto has hit back at Raila Odinga saying his ‘bad behavior’ frustrated the coalition government following the 2007/8 post-election violence.

He claimed that instead of helping President Kibaki deliver on his agenda, Raila frustrated him with petty demands such as the infamous red carpet.

“Ni kweli mimi nilusaidia ukapata coalition government ya 2007. Lakini tabia yako mbaya ilituangaisha. Badala ya kufanya kazi ukaanza kuhangaisha mzee Kibaki hadi akashindwa kutekeleza majukumu yake,” he said.

(It is true I helped you in forming the coalition government but your bad behavior frustrated us. Instead of working and helping Kibaki deliver his agenda you frustrated him with petty demands)

Ruto further maintained that a coalition government is not an option in the ongoing crises and that is why Raila has embarked on trips abroad to push for this agenda.

“You can travel to any place you so wish, be it UK or Paris, but a coalition government will not happen,” Ruto said.