The Slay Queen menace that has infected Kenyan ladies has reached new levels of unbelievable.

For those of you who haven’t caught up with the phenomenon yet, a Slay Queen is simply a diva who most often leads a fake extravagant lifestyle on social media. They are the kind of girls your momma warned you about because they crave attention and will often do anything for it.

For instance, the so-called slay queen, will dress up and doll up her face, take a bus to the airport departures area and take a few photos and hop on the next bus out of the airport. They also like to take lots of bathroom selfies with funny facial expressions and a curved leg.

They are also the kind of girls with astronomical standards when it comes to the kind of men they want, even when they don’t deserve such men at all.  You get the idea.

As a result, Slay Queens have been the butt of all jokes on social media since August and netizens are still sharing their crazy habits.

A short clip doing the rounds on the internet succinctly captures one of the problems slay queens go through in their attempts to slay. The clip captures a lady at an event ‘eating’ lipstick and downing it with beer.

Check it out below. What madness is this?