Rarieda MP and Nasa high flying lawyer Otiende Amollo yesterday committed one of the biggest don’ts in this internet age… falling for fake news.

While appearing on NTV’s morning show, the former Ombudsman stated from the word go that he would not engage in a debate with Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungw’a. He was angry with a tweet he thought was put out by Ichungw’a, that seemingly advocated for Luo deaths.

Ichungw’a entered the news studio a few minutes later, and Otiende made good his threat by exiting the studio.

Host Ken Mijungu started by demanding that the Kikuyu MP apologizes for the tweet before he allowed him to state anything else.

Kimani Ichungw’a however began by disowning that account, stating that his only Twitter account is @KIMANIICHUNGWAH, with all capital letters.

He said that he has since reported the account, and it has now been suspended. He also revealed that he has applied for verification and is waiting for Twitter support.

Watch the video.

Otiende Amollo threatens to walk out.

Kimani Ichungw’a disowns account.