The seventh season of the reality television show ‘Nairobi Diaries’ premiered on October 23 and with it came new faces and their respective drama.

No sooner had the first episode aired than viewers singled out a new entrant – Sasha Diva – for two reasons: bad grammar and terrible music.

Sasha Diva describes herself as a songwriter, singer, and actress. However, internet users are of the view that she should just quit music and try something else after they listened to one of her tracks.

The track is dubbed ‘My Father’, a praise and worship song that should be banned from the face of the earth. The track was released earlier this year and we cannot say this enough; it is terrible.

Check it out below.

Some reactions:

  • i_am_kamere: Please watu wapelekwe english classes….i cant deal…
  • _pre_soul_: So I was going to shut up and cut off my thumb..I seriously didn’t want to comment but please…..make this mami stop singing…my ears bled! Wtf was that!
  • missmokaya: Mkianza kuleta mamboch kwa reality show si itaitwa real house helps of Nairobi Diaries @sashadivakenya you are someone’s house help enda uoshe viombo
  • jacquecollines: Quit music… Period. Get a tutor for english lessons
  • favouredforever8_4_4: Kuimba ni kipaji dear. Do something with that money…. kuna mayatima uko nje na wagonjwa…. wasaidie plz???
  • miss_mbatia: @sashadivakenya ur singing is terrible…OMG r u kidding me if that is singing,,,Kenya we r done…Lord have mercy on all of us.
  • stellaforever89Hahahahahahahaha hahaha hahahaha Mama boys…. YOU CANT SING!!! Who lied to you, Aki yao your singing irritates
  • njihiafaith: Madam sir ?? ur singing is one hell on earth,try something else,leave singing to @notiflow
  • stellaforever89: No producer in Kenya will work with you ata Dj Shiti of TRHK can’t work with you
  • phyll_betty: Waaaah who produced the music for you honey please stop wooiii no no no no nooooooo