Sorry team mafisi! Those of you who have been eyeing Muthoni Ndonga aka “The Drummer Queen” can stop now.

The high-flying artist is in a happy relationship with a “wonderful guy.” The artiste and founder of Blankets and Wine is one of the most private celebrities and fans have been curious if there is a lucky guy.

“I’ve been dating the same wonderful guy for long, and I feel really grateful because he has been really instrumental in my life. You know when you are a risk-taker and you have a supporter in the corner and he is like, don’t worry, I gat this. I believe in being who you are and creating dopeness. I’m really grateful, he really does believe in the empowerment of women,” said MDQ.

Asked by Word Is, if it someone in the limelight, she said: “No, you don’t know him, he is a graphic and fashion designer, and he is like cool, calm and chilled. I was never going to date someone who is in the public eye.”

So, how does she manage to keep her relationship well guarded against malicious rumours?

“It is God’s protection. I don’t find myself being dragged into rumours and I don’t overshare our life. Even if a rumour pops up about my relationship, it’s obviously a lie. We pray a lot together for our work and for our needs. I just feel like we are protected from a lot of things.”

She also spoke about her upcoming album dubbed ‘She’ which is all about the women.

“The album is called ‘She’. I really wanted to represent all the women. Like my mum is a career teacher, I wanted to honour her and other women like her. Every song in the album has a lead character and it’s about Kenyan messages. I really got inspired by all the women that raised their voice like Wangari Maathai. I believe that women run the world. The artwork is fascinating. Expect a lot of surprises.”