There was excitement in Jubilee circles yesterday when Nyali MP and former investigative journalist Mohammed Ali Jicho Pevu joined Uhuru and Ruto at a campaign rally. Jubilee was campaigning at Kongowea Market, which is in Moha’s constituency.

The MP has been on a war path with Mombasa governor Hassan Joho and ODM in general, since the party nominations. He believes he was rightfully the ODM candidate, but the certificate ended up being awarded to Joho’s cousin.

Moha has continued his fight Joho even after the election, accusing him of incompetence.

When he appeared at Jubilee’s rally yesterday, it was interpreted that he had made the switch from ‘Nasa affiliated’ to ‘Jubilee affiliated’ independent candidate. Indeed, no opposing politician simply shows up at a rival’s campaign rally. Though he did not state categorically that he had shifted camp, Uhuru, Ruto and their handlers were keen to milk every opportunity, including multiple photo-ops.

When asked by a local blogger whether he had moved to the Jubilee side, Moha appeared at best noncommittal. He replied with ‘bado’ as if the move is on the cards.

He then went on Facebook to explain his decision to turn up at the Jubilee rally. According to him, he was there simply in his capacity as Nyali MP, keen to represent the needs of his constituency. This was his full statement.


Today, President Uhuru Kenyatta visited my constituency as part of the Jubilee Party’s electoral campaign program. Given the political tension in the country right now, my decision to attend his rally as MP for Nyali was a difficult one to make, but I chose to attend it, and give the office of the President its due respect. Also, young in the field of politics as I may be, I chose to respect the event and attend because I wanted to deliver a message. I chose to attend precisely because of the point we are at in this country today.

Both political formations, NASA and JUBILEE have, through their actions, removed any possibility for negotiation on the best way forward for our country. We are close to the edge, and the ramping up of temperatures makes our collective descent off the cliff seem inevitable. It is not. It is not because even in our political competition, what should be at the heart of us is the welfare of our people.

In 2007 I reported on these very streets of Nyali, after a political contest much like this one. I saw violence that never want to be repeated. So I welcomed the President to my constituency to remind him of that, just as I will remind the Former Prime Minister should I get the opportunity to do so. The lives of our people, indeed, the soul of this country, is of far greater importance that whatever enmity the two men, and their parties seem to have for one another.

I hope that perhaps, in welcoming a man, and a party whose policies I personally disagree with, shows the public that politics is important, but that their lives are more important. As an Independent Member of Parliament, my responsibility is FIRST and FOREMOST to the people of Nyali, who elected me. The people of this constituency need jobs, better healthcare and education for their children, and a hope for the future.

As I did on the campaign trail, I say that I will work with all people whose core interest is to develop Nyali, and make this constituency the envy of this county.