Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has taken a very public weight loss journey, documenting every bit on YouTube.

The jovial TV host added an incredible amount of weight over a relatively short period, but a few months ago, made a determination to get back in shape.

Unlike most people who take on a similar journey, it seems to be working in Raburu’s case, going with recent photos and videos. According to him, he has already shed 12kgs since he began the journey.

One of the main reasons most weight loss journeys are unsuccessful, is the approach the person takes. For instance, you have a high chance ‘dropping out’ of the race if you go solo.

Willis Raburu realized this very early in the game, and enlisted the services of a professional trainer.

On YouTube, Raburu has finally revealed the ‘muscle’ behind his transformation. Meet Evelyn Owala of Eveal Health and Fitness. She won the Ms Figure title in 2016, and you don’t need a second glance to know why.

Evelyn has attained a certain level of fitness that most of us can only dream of. Indeed as a woman, if I were to take a number off the top of my head, I would say less than 0.5% of women will ever get such a body.

In his latest episode documenting his weight loss journey, Raburu introduces his trainer.